FREE Practice Exams & Skills Training Online

27 Jun

ImageDo you need to take a Civil Service Exam or TABE test and not sure what to expect or how to prepare? Do your kids need to prepare for the SAT/ACT? Maybe you just need to update your MS Office skills to get that new job. There are a lot of websites that claim to provide these things for free, only to find out that there is a fee or you only get a few sample questions. Most public library systems subscribe to the full service so patrons can log in from anywhere to take advantage of them; saving a lot of money and stress. Check your library’s website for “Learning Express Library” in their database section. If your library does not have it, you can chat with a librarian live on “Know It Now 24/7” to find a site you can access.

There are also practice tests and tips available in book form, and skill training available onsite. Don’t forget to support your local public library by voting for the levy, donating, and volunteering.

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