Attention All Bargain Shoppers!

30 Jun

ImageIf you are in the Cleveland area TODAY, you MUST go to the City Wide Sale in Lakewood, Ohio. Think of it as a city wide Sidewalk Sale and Yard Sale on steroids; pure bargain bliss!

Check out the links to see all the participants and a handy online map for locations and parking. Lakewood is built on a grid pattern with business, apartments and bus stops (great public transport) on East-West streets, and residences on North-South.

If you get hungry check out the many tasty  eateries. I recommend Melt and my favorite sandwich “The Parmageddon” Mmmmm, smaczny!

So lace up your walking shoes, put the baby in the stroller, grab your shopping trolley, and get ready to snag some bargains in one of the most Walkable Cities & best Front Porch Culture in the region!

p.s. If you are bringing the kids, you might want to download free smartphone app Bathroom Scout

Comments, Questions & Suggestions Welcome!

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