10 things Foreclosure has made dirt cheap (especially in Ohio)

3 Jul
  1. Horses
  2. Pianos
  3. China (full dinner services)
  4. Pool tables
  5. Room size rugs (including handmade imported)
  6. Dinning room sets
  7. Over-sized furniture (including antiques)
  8. Housewares (kitchenware to linens, but not decor)
  9. Clothing (not accessories or jewelry)
  10. Large household appliances

This holds true of both new and used items. Used items are flooding the market and not selling so retailers have to lower the price of new items to compete. People can not afford to move or warehouse these items, no one has the money to buy them, and often they can not even donate them so they end up in the garbage. Just like the pioneers on the wagon-trains learned early in their trek to lighten the load; only the necessities and portable wealth. So if you are looking for a bargain, bring a tuck to Ohio and load up!

The situation with Ohio’s horses is the most heartbreaking, so please come to Ohio and save our horses (and other pets too), especially if you run a non-profit that provides equine therapy to the disabled. I would love to see these horses stay out of the slaughterhouse and get a new lease on life.

Comments, questions & suggestions welcome!

Comments, Questions & Suggestions Welcome!

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