How old is your mustard?

4 Jul

If you can’t remember when you bought it, you need to throw it away! Expiration dates only apply to unopened packages. Here a quick guide too how long they last in the frig once OPENED:

  • mustard 6-8 mos
  • ketchup 6-8 mos
  • mayonnaise 2 mos
  • jellies and jams 1 yr
  • peanut butter 2-3 mos
  • pickles 1-2 mos
  • sour cream 2 wks
  • salad dressing 3 mos
  • butter 3 mos

Take the guesswork out of it by using a sharpie to write the new expiration date on the lid as soon as you open it. Eatbydate can give you even more specific info on all kinds of food items in their handy search engine.

We often have a frig full of condiments we use only once in a while. Try adding up the price of all the condiments you currently have in your frig and then think of what you could have bought with that money instead.

You can make most condiments yourself (such as tartar sauce, cocktail sauce or 1,000 Island dressing) by combining existing basic condiments; buying less and wasting less.

By reducing the chance of foodborne illness, you reduce medical expenses, prevent lost wages and preserving quality of life…not to mention saving toilet paper!

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