Just Add Water

5 Jul

What do your kids drink most? Hopefully you did not say soda. Most of you probably answered “juice”. You can stretch you grocery budget by watering it down and the kids won’t even notice.

Most juices are way too sweet even if they are 100% juice because most are mixed with apple juice which contains huge amounts of natural sugar. You can easily add 25% water to cut the sugar without changing the flavor.

You can also add juice to plain seltzer for a fun fizzy fruity drink. Start by making half and half, then reduce to 25% or less as the kids get used to the reduction in sweetness. You can use bottled or concentrate. Add some fun by trying prepared combinations like Dole’s Pineapple Strawberry Banana.

And as always, kids need to drink plenty of water, especially in the summer. Be sure to keep a pitcher in the frig to encourage the kids to choose it over sugary drinks when they are looking for something refreshing.

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