10 BEST Re-Uses For Plastic Shopping Bags You Probably Never Heard Of

6 Jul

ImageWe all know they are great as wastepaper basket liners, pet poop/litter disposal, shopping, wet swimsuits, blah, blah, blah. So here’s some ideas you may not be so familiar with:

  1. Public transportation seat covers. To avoid an unwelcome surprise, simple lay it down on the seat before you rest your seat.
  2. Fishing items out of the toilet. If you have kids you understand that they like to give everything from toys to keys a burial at sea. Simply put it over your hand like you would for picking up dog poop.
  3. Rainy day bike seat protector; just slip over the seat and tie. Keeps seat dry while bike is parked.
  4. Disabled car warning flag. Why people leave their hood up for people to steal the battery or whatever is a mystery to me. White bags flapping around on the traffic side of the car tied to the antennae, door, hanging out of a rolled up window or attached to the rear wiper is going to attract much more attention without welcoming vandalism.
  5. Soiled baby clothes. No matter which end it came out of, keep these in your diaper bag to minimize the mess and smell until you can get home and wash.
  6. Cast and dressing bathing cover; just make sure you use medical tape, not duct tape, when securing the bag over the affected limb.
  7. Action figure parachute; just make sure you little darlings don’t get any ideas when it comes to the pets.
  8. Boot liners for kids and adults. Helps keep stocking-feet dry, and shoes slide in easier in shoe-boots.
  9. Keep paint/varnish applicators from drying out or getting tacky between coats. If you are refinishing floors, you know how expensive those applicator pads are and how they can ruin a smooth finish if they start to gunk up.
  10. Cover plants during a frost. Make sure you secure the bag by staking, tying, or tucking it.

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