Clean Your Toothbrush!

11 Jul

ImageYou wouldn’t use the same dirty spoon every day for months without washing it, would you? You need to replace your toothbrush about every 3 month, but you need to clean it once a week to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. Since power toothbrushes have moving parts, there are more places for critters to hide, including slimy mold (yuck!) This is especially true if you have just gotten over an illness or have a health condition such as diabetes or heart disease. (Or if you have a spiteful roommate or sibling that likes to dip other people’s personal items in the toilet!)

Here’s a couple options:

  • Automatic dishwasher. This is the easiest; just throw it in when you wash and sterile your dishes as usual. You may want to put it on the top rack unless you know it won’t melt in the utensil caddy.
  • 30 second soak. Place brush upside down in a small cup, then fill with just enough antiseptic mouthwash to cover the the head of the toothbrush completely and let soak for 30 seconds before dumping the solution and allowing the brush to air dry.
  • Overnight soak. Follow directions above, but this time use white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and allow to soak overnight.

With many people not having dental insurance in this country, this is a good way to preserve not only a healthy smile, but also good physical and financial health.

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