14 Jul

As a result of the economic downturn, many in the USA have had to downsize from houses to apartments. We can take a lesson from our neighbors elsewhere and re-create our gardens right on our balconies. This is a good example of re-purposing materials for a container garden.

Just Hangin' Around

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, I know. After the “Disaster” it was hard to get motivated, and, well, care. It was just so frustrating! We weren’t sure where to go from there. But here’s the update:

Aftermath of the disaster:

A few weeks ago, we had two bucket handles snap. We promptly replanted the two peppers into one kitty litter bucket. We just left the tomatoes in the two white buckets, but propped them up on stools. Because I was angry with them, I didn’t think about giving them proper sunlight… All of the peppers seem to be doing OK, including the pepper that was sitting on the ground. (It got whacked by a falling bucket.) One of the tomatoes snapped right off. It didn’t make it. The other tomato might do OK, but it’s a lot smaller than the other tomato plants… Fingers crossed for the little guy!


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