15 Jul

This handy post has some great ideas that will not only help you find what you need when you need it, but will reduce unnecessary purchases. Remember when your “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”, “Reduce” comes first!

Clutterbusters!! Fort Worth


Rarely have I walked into someone’s kitchen and found their collection of plastic food storage containers in an orderly state. It is probably the biggest complaint I get from my organizing clients when we get to the kitchen – how to manage all that plastic!!

Here are my 6 steps for getting the mountains of food storage containers under control:

1. Purge – Pull out all of your containers and make sure that each and every one has a lid. Toss any extra lids or bottoms. There’s no sense in holding onto one or the other if it is missing its mate. While you are at it, toss any containers that you don’t use, those that have a strange odor and those that are badly damaged or discolored.

2. Now that you are only dealing with complete sets (and containers you want to keep), separate the lids from the…

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