The College Admissions Counselor Is Not Your BFF

18 Jul

ImageIt’s that time of year again when perspective students getting ready to shell out some serious coin for an education.  But before you do, there are some things you need to know which I will be addressing in a series of posts based on my experience on both sides of the desk.

The first thing you need to know is the school’s Admissions Counselor is not your BFF, not even close. Sure they chat you up and give you great SWAG, but they wouldn’t seem as warm and fuzzy if their title was really “Big Ticket Item Salesperson” (and in some cases more like “Used Car Salesperson”). Think about the other items you take out loans for, cars and homes; you wouldn’t buy those items without doing your homework and trying to negotiate the best deal, would you? So why would you treat your education any differently?

So accept the SWAG, but gird your loins (or in this case gird your loans) and work your best deal. Remember, you are the customer and you have something they want.

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