Do You Really Need An Education For That Career?

19 Jul

ImageWe’ve all seen the commercials; “Start an exciting new career with great wages in just a few months!” Sounds perfect, right? Not so fast; you may not need that expensive formal education to land that job.

Job titles that contain the words “Assistant”, “Technician”, or “Operator” often have employers that provide on the job training, in fact, most prefer to do their own training. They are also entry level positions that don’t start off much more than minimum wage and would take years to dig out of the mountain of debt accumulated if you attending school for that career.

So how do you find out if this applies to your intended career?  Start by talking to people in that career, both employees and employers to get both sides of the story. If you don’t know anyone, use LinkedIn to introduce yourself and ask questions. If you approach people properly, they are usually eager to help. They are a wealth of information regarding which places have apprenticeships, desired characteristics of candidates, expected wages, job availability and advancement potential. Should you need an education, they can give you insight on the best program for your money.

Some places require that you already be an employee, such as hospitals. They may provide paid apprenticeships for Radiology Tech, but you may have to prove your worth as an employee filing charts or washing dishes in the cafeteria before they will invest in your training. In this situation you should also contact Human Resources to learn more.

Lastly there are job that require computer software and/or business skills rather than an actual degree. Many library systems and employment agencies provide free online training for everything from Microsoft Office Trainer to Project Management.

Don’t forget libraries also offer free practice tests for some of the most common proficiency and entrance exams.

So use these tips to get a great new career…instead of a mountain of debt.

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