Financial Aid Gives FREE Puppy

20 Jul

ImageIf you are like most college students, you are accepted rather than recruited; which means you are not a star athlete, or do not have parents that are rich and connected enough to offset the cost of the offer. You see, colleges and universities don’t award scholarships and other perks of generous financial aid packages out of the goodness of their hearts, they’re looking for quid pro quo, ROI in near future publicity and long term endowments.

So what do you get if you are a great student from middle-class family? A puppy. Savvy pet salesman figured out long ago that if you give a child a cute puppy to take home for a day, that adorable child would turn into a monster when it came time for the parent to return it. Hence, the parent would be saddled with the pet with a hefty price tag just to keep the peace in their home and avoid a bad reputation in the community. The initial financial aid offer is just enough to lure you in, but then dwindles or evaporates after the first term; by that time, the school figures they have you hooked.

Knowing this, you need to decide what will work best for you financially. You can still graduate from the university of your choice, but you may want to take your prerequisites at a 2-yr community college for a fraction of the cost. Many students can be eligible to start taking these prerequisites while they are still attending high school. You need to determine if the financial aid package is more than the costs saving of attending a local 2-yr college. Add to the decision the high drop out rate of first year students due to pregnancy, substance abuse, homesickness, and poor grades; leaving you with no career and bunch of debt.

So when the cheery financial aid rep offers you a puppy, remember it can be a real dog of a deal.

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