Save on School Uniforms

24 Jul

ImageIt’s that time of year again when we start gathering gear for the new school year, and while uniforms are a great saving to families, there is still usually a hefty initial expense. Here are a few ways to save on outfitting you kids:

Uniform swaps. These can be as informal as trading among your circle of friends, or formal events organized by your school. If you school doesn’t have one, consider stating one yourself. You can also contact other areas schools that have the same uniform and ask if you can attend theirs.

Social media. Whether you are looking to organize a swap or just need some items, putting the word out on social media sites is a great way to go.

Freecycle. Ask and ye shall receive. Find local groups by entering your zip code on the organization’s website. Whether you are looking to give or get, this is a good way to go.

Craigslist. You can find items for free as well as for sale.

Resale shops. Thrift shops generally have lower prices than consignment stores and have a wider range of quality and condition. Additionally, thrift stores have sale based on the day of the week and color of the tags. Value World is also offering coupons at this time.

Retail Store Sales. With uniforms becoming more common practice and styles more standard, retail stores are competing for your uniform business

Lands End. Why did I include this one? First of all, they are available online and in store with a variety of styles and sizes, but what really sets them apart is their refund policy. They have the most generous return policy I have ever seen. Son fell on the playground and ripped the knee out of his pants? No problem. Daughter outgrew skirt too quickly? No problem. Don’t have the receipt? No problem. Bought it a year ago? No problem. Basically what you are getting for the price is well made clothing with an insurance policy. Best case scenario, you walk in the store and swap the item; worst case, you have to mail it back to the company and get the lowest sale price (usually 50%) on a gift card.

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