29 Jul

Attractive & thrifty! Pringles canisters are great for storing spaghetti.

I Want To Be Crafty!

With the new baby, I have an overabundance of random-sized canisters.  They can be super useful even if they are no longer being used for storing formula or, in the case of the tall one, Pringles.  Again, I hit Pinterest for some ideas.  I saw some canisters covered with fabric and some covered with scrapbook paper.  I chose to use scrapbook paper simply because there seems to be a greater variety of pretty, small patterns and one sheet will cover a lot of area.  I Mod Podged like a maniac and then spray painted the lids a coordinating color (gold in this case).  They turned out quite nice.

I added a divider to the interior of the larger Enfamil canisters.  I plan to keep balls of yarn in them and thought the divider might help keep the yarn from tangling.  (I prefer outward pull yarn balls.  Crazy, I know, but…

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