Drizzle, Don’t Pour

31 Jul

ImageWant to lose weight and save money? Then stop treating salad dressing, pancake syrup, ketchup and other condiments like gravy, or worse, like soup. Stop and look at the fat, carbs, and calories per serving, then look at how much constitutes a serving; usually about 2 tablespoons. You may as well crack open a bottle of Karo syrup and drown your food, or pop open a can of Crisco and load on a great big heaping dollop. No one is suggesting you should deprive yourself, just be moderate. After all, they are tasty and can enhance your food; you just don’t want them to overwhelm your food and your waistline.

So what do you do about it?

  • Never set condiments on the table in their original container. If you see more, you use more. And besides, it’s just tacky.
  • Don’t use gravy boats or similar dispensers that promote pouring condiments on your food. You may as well water your flowerpots with a firehose.
  • Use condiment cups and spoons. There was a time when condiment were not just reserved for fine dining but were standard at family restaurants too. If you don’t have one, a custard cup and toddler spoon will do the trick. This method forces you to take time and effort to drizzle condiments rather than drown your food. Since there is only a limited amount available to the entire group of diners, you are more aware of your portion size since you have to leave enough for the others (don’t refill them during the meal).
  •  Use a spritzer bottle to dispense condiments, like salad dressing. Some are already available in these bottles, or you can buy and empty container in the housewares section of most stores.

This will not only cut your grocery bill, but your waistline as well.

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