Straight Couples Cash-In On Civil Unions

3 Aug

ImageThink Civil Unions are just for same-sex couples? So not true! If you are over 40, chances are you have already been divorced at least once. If either you or your honey are gun-shy about taking the plunge again, Civil Union allows for many protections without the penalties!

Benefits of civil union:

  • Avoid paying “federal marriage tax penalty”
  • Keep pension & Social Security Survivor Benefits of deceased spouse
  • Hospital visitation & emergency medical decisions
  • Ability to share room nursing home room
  • Right to take leave to care for a sick partner
  • Exempt from testifying against partner in court
  • Adoption & parental rights
  • Right to file wrongful death claims for a partner’s death
  • Inheritance rights
  • Right to partner’s remains
  • Pension benefits
  • Right to a dissolve union, court division of property, & visitation of children in times of break up

This is a great opportunity for women, especially senior citizens.  If an older woman’s husband dies and she remarries, under federal law she loses her pension and Social Security Survivor Benefits. If she chooses Civil Union she can keep these benefits because federal law does not recognize Civil Union, so she can have the best of both worlds. Domestic Partnership is a much lesser status and offers very few benefits.

Since each state has its own laws governing marriage, divorce, civil unions and domestic partnerships, check with your state government for details. So if you don’t have your little pink heart set on the big church wedding with a gazillion bridesmaids and bridal registry for a full set of china you’ll never use, this may be a very good option for you.

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