7 Ways To Stop Your Refrigerator From Wasting Your Money

10 Aug


  1. Out with the old. Refrigerators are huge energy hogs, on average gobbling up 8%-12% of your total household energy budget! Fridges and freezers made before 1993 can cost you TWICE what a new Energy Star model does to operate; and the news is worse for models before 1970—a whopping FOUR times the cost! Because of the foreclosure crisis, the market is flooded appliances at dirt cheap prices allowing you to buy a newer used unit for a fraction of the cost. Not to be outdone, retailers of new appliances have had to slash their prices and a savvy shopper can negotiate an even better deal.
  2. Chill out. Your fridge has to work that much harder if you don’t allow your food to cool before putting it in the fridge or freezer.
  3. Wrap it up. Condensation from improperly wrapped food makes your fridge work harder.
  4. Shut the damn door. Remember when your mom would yell “shut that damn door, we’re not cooling off the neighborhood”? Mom was right; 7% of fridge energy is wasted when we leave the door open or browse. That is the energy equivalent of a wash load of laundry once a week for almost a year!
  5. Get organized. You will have less open door time if you know were to find what you are looking for; using clear containers, labeling, and organizing by grouping like items all make it easier.
  6. Save some space. Refrigerators and freezers function best at about 75% full. Why? You need room for the air to circulate and cool each item properly, yet enough cooled items to help maintain temperature.
  7. Keep it clean. Those coils on the back of the fridge serve to dissipate heat and help it run more effectively. Not only should you keep a distance from the wall and away from the stove, but you should clean the coils every 6mos. It’s not difficult and will take less than an hour, but will make a big difference not only in how your fridge functions, but also in keeping those expensive repair bills at bay.

Replacing an outdated fridge will save you at least $100 per year, and the other tips an additional $100. Cool, huh?  But don’t take my word for it, check out this savings calculator and find an appliance recycling program near you.

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