Inexpensive Non-Toxic Soap Scum Removal That Really Works!

16 Sep

ImageI hate cleaning the shower; its right up there with visiting the dentist. I really hate all those expensive cleaning products that practically require a HAZMAT suit and still don’t solve the problem. So I went on a quest to solve the problem and keep more money in my pocket and I’m here to share my findings with you.

Here’s the scoop; as long as you have water (especially hard water) and soap, you are going to have soap scum. These new body washes with moisturizers are especially bad, forming a film on you skin and a film on your surfaces. Advertising geniuses tell you that you not only need an array of expensive foaming color-changing toxic chemicals to tackle this pesky problem, but now you also need to buy a battery operated device that constantly sprays your shower to prevent the film in the first place. The only result of these products is that they stink up your home, burn your lungs, nasal passages and skin, damage metal fixtures, and pollute the water. After all this, you have less money in your wallet, still do a lot of wiping and rinsing, and still have soap scum! And while you might not care about polluted water, remember this is the same water that waters the plants and animals you and your babies eat, and the water you and your babies drink and bathe in. Still think it’s not a problem?

So how do you prevent and get rid of soap scum?


  • Buy soaps with as few additives as possible. Do you really need all those additional moisturizers? A few drops of baby oil on your wet skin before towel drying will seal moisture in skin more effectively for a fraction of the price.
  • Squeegee shower walls after each use. If it’s not on the surfaces, it can’t build up.
  • Spray regularly with a vinegar solution. Make a solution of white vinegar and water in a new spray bottle. I use 1:3 solution but you can increase the vinegar up to 1:1. The mild acid will dissolve minor build up and keep surfaces sparkling clean.
  • Use a water softener if you have really hard water.


You will love these methods because you will see the results instantly; it’s like magic! Depending on your surface, you can use a range of products. Always test on an inconspicuous area first to avoid scratching damage. Harder surfaces such as gazed tile and porcelain are more forgiving than fiberglass and acrylic. You can find generic muti-packs at your local dollar store so there is no need spend more on name brands. The trick is, the surface and scrubber must be completely DRY or they will not work effectively. Do NOT use in conjunction with any cleaning solution. It’s so easy you can even train your spouse and kids to do it each time they step into the shower before turning the water on. Assign each person their own wall they are responsible for, if you need to.

Plastic souring pads. This is for getting the really thick stuff off. Just make gentle but firm circular scrubbing motions, like you are waxing a car, and watch the soap scum flake off like a blizzard in record time! It also keeps your upper arms tone, reducing the dreaded “bingo wings”.


Nylon scrubbing pads. This is for more delicate surfaces, lighter build-up, or getting into tight areas. These pads will retain the soap, so clean or replace them more often.


Magic eraser. These are for the most delicate surfaces like chrome, fiberglass and shower doors. Use a simple back and forth motion and watch your shower doors become crystal clear in no time.


So the choice is yours: spend dollars per use on stinky hazardous chemicals that cause damage, still require labor and don’t do the job completely, OR spend pennies per use on kid and earth friendly methods that actually work. Seems like a no-brainer to me!

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