Great Deals On Barber, Salon & Spa Services

8 Oct

ImageWhen the budget is tight we often skimp on maintenance, which includes our personal appearance. While it may sound like vanity to be well groomed when you have replaced the Sunday roast with Hamburger Helper, it is actually an investment. We all know the saying about “looking the part”, and it is very true whether you are angling for a promotion or want to negotiate a better deal on that apartment rental, not to mention the affect it has on your self esteem. So before you break out the Flowbee, I’ve got a few options you might find a bit more attractive.

So what’s the big secret?

Schools! Students can provide you with high quality services for a fraction of the price; everything from haircuts to massage. These students are far from amateurs, not only do they have to complete numerous requirements before they can work on clients, but many have already been working in the field but lacked the license. I’ve had a number of “students” who were only in school because they had moved from another state and need a new license. Students generally are much more passionate about their work since they are at the beginning of their career, and are very knowledgeable of the latest techniques and styles. The instructors are constantly monitoring them and always do a final check to make sure the work was done to properly and to your liking. I have had a range of services and have never had a problem, and I have very difficult hair to work with.

So how do you find a good school?

Start by asking your friends and acquaintances, including on Facebook. Check out the reviews on Yelp. You can also do a Google search for “barber college” “cosmetology school” “beauty school” “vocational school”, depending on your need, and add your ZIP code for the closest location. Check out their website, give them a call and ask questions, then visit and ask to see the faculties. You want to get a feel for their professionalism, pricing, and range of services. Ask if they run specials or have coupons. Most do not make appointments or allow children, so it is best to ask to verify. We have two schools 10 minutes apart; my friend prefers the one that is more posh and higher priced, while I’m very pleased with the less expensive one in the more modest setting. Both are very professional and get very good reviews, it’s really just a matter of preference.

So what’s the catch?

Time is the main consideration, especially since most do not make appointments. They usually have more limited hours than a regular shop. Since they are students and need to have their work checked, it takes longer for the service to be completed. For example, I get a $30 haircut & style for $6.50, but instead of 20 min it is usually about an hour from sign in to final inspection. I had a $75 facial for $20 with no wait time, since it was a less popular service. While you can sometimes request the same student, it is never guaranteed. Even if they allow kids, believe me, you do not want to bring them. Kids cannot sit still that long and you don’t save that much compared to a Best Cuts type salon. The greatest savings are on women’s services. Since students are not paid, be sure to tip them well.

With a little research and patience, you can look like a million bucks for a fraction of the price!

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