Need A Little Extra Cash? 10 Realistic Cash Jobs

14 Oct

ImageIf there’s one thing I hate, it’s these articles with “great ideas” for cash jobs that are actually freelance jobs. What they fail to mention is that you usually need to have some special training, equipment or resources to do what they are suggesting. You know the ones: “be the next J.K. Rowling by writing your own children’s books at your kitchen table” or “make money as a graphic artist working on exciting marketing campaigns in your spare time”….Yeah, right; so not helpful! How about some real suggestions which utilize skills you already have? Here you go…you’re welcome!

  1. Furniture assembly & set up. More and more Americans are buying furniture online or from local stores where assembly is required. Anyone who has ever had the Ikea nightmare knows exactly what I’m talking about. Not everyone has the aptitude, patience or time for this despite their best intentions. If you have a knack for this and charge a reasonable price, you can carve out a nice little niche for yourself.
  2. Media & game center set up. Not all plug and play is created equal. Often new additions to the entertainment center pantheon need to have the setting tweaked for maximum enjoyment. On top of that, there is a very small window of time the items can be returned if things are not copasetic, and not everyone has that time or talent. If you can not only hook everything up, but know the best setting and can demonstrate the most useful and fun features, there is work for you especially around the holidays. Sure there are stores that offer this service, but it comes at a premium and with more people buying online, there is room for you to fill this need.
  3. Toy assembly. Speaking of the holidays, this is the punchline of scores of films where the father stays up until the wee hours of Christmas morning cursing at the twisted remains of a partially assembled child’s toy. People are willing to spend the money they would have had to put in the “swear jar” to have you assemble their kids toys properly for that all important Christmas morning reveal.
  4. Line sitting. Yup, get your folding chair & pack a lunch because there is money to be made for sitting on your ass for hours. You can also rent yourself out as a substitute for other line sitters who need to run to the loo.
  5. Household budget coach. Are your great at menu planning, shopping and couponing? If you have a tried and true system and have the patience to teach others you can be a great help to a busy mom. Start by doing a free brief presentation at your local library, church group or community center then pass out your card so attendees who are interested in more of a bootcamp or coaching can contact you.
  6. Household HR. Are you great at breaking down a task, teaching it, and creating and effective reward system? You don’t need a nanny intervention TV show to tell you that many parents haven’t got a clue how to do this and end up screaming and exhausted with a house that’s still chaotic and messy. If you have these skills, follow the same marketing method listed for budget coach.
  7. Online sales coach. Do you know when to sell your stuff on Amazon versus Etsy? If you can navigate the world of online market sites and teach and advise others on the finer points, there is money to be made from momtrepreneurs hocking their latest creations, to empty nesters looking to liquidate their years of collectables.
  8. Dating coach & concierge. Not every man has a sister or personal assistant, and dating advice from mommy or the guys at the gym is not a good option. Let’s face it, a last minute Valentine’s gift from 7-11 has ending many a relationship, so helping a man remember to get a gift, not to mention an appropriate one, can be priceless. There is no shortage of scenarios where you can be on speed dial, from wardrobe and grooming to date planning, where you can step in to advise or arrange.
  9. International Interlocutor. If you are bi-lingual, or just very good with someone learning English, you can be a conversational language practice partner. This could be for someone preparing for a trip abroad or a foreign business person who wants to be more familiar with appropriate use of slang and idioms. This is often done in a real life setting; everything from dealing with store clerks to dinner conversation.
  10. Focus group participant. Inquire at a market research firm near you to see if they run focus groups, most do. If you blog or have a marketing background and reveal that info, you probably will not get called. If you are unemployed, it’s best to list yourself as “consultant” and list a reasonable salary. I don’t recommend secret shopper, mail-in or online surveys; all are very labor intensive and the compensation is negligible.

Where and how you advertise depends on your target audience. Make use of free online resources like Facebook and Craigslist where appropriate. You can get free business cards through Vista Print and they often run specials on free marketing materials. By leveraging skills and networks already available to you, you can create a nice little cash business for yourself.

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