Because You Can’t Make A Martini With Febreze®

25 Nov

Image…but you can clean and deodorize with vodka! This multitasking spirit is both tasty beverage and an inexpensive, eco-friendly cleaning product. And while you might not be too concerned about the environment, let me remind you that YOU are part of the ecosystem and are especially vulnerable to the toxins of commercial produced cleaning products if you have allergies or other health problems, are elderly, not to mention your kids, pets, even houseplants.

In some cases you can use it at full strength, while other situations call for a solution of 1 part vodka, 2 parts water. Always use a new spray bottle; NEVER reuse a spray bottle that had been used for anything else. Test the vodka in a small inconspicuous area first, allow to dry, and check for damage before continue using. Generally use the solution for porous items like clothing, and full strength on non-porous surfaces like glass.

Here’s how vodka can save your holiday season…

  1. Décor Deodorizer. Get your home ready for company by cleaning and freshening air and surfaces. Spraying vodka solutions works because the alcohol kills the critters that cause odor, such as mold, mildew, and bacteria. Because vodka acts as an insecticide as well as a herbicide, it also kills dust mites that affect allergies. Use the diluted solution for porous surfaces including drapery, upholstery, carpeting and bedding. Besides cleaning and deodorizing, vodka shines hard surfaces like porcelain, mirrors and chrome. Not only does it remove mildew stains, but also hairspray residue and soap scum.
  2. Get Pretty. Use it as a mouthwash to kill odor causing bacteria; you can flavor it by adding a cinnamon stick to 1 cup and let it soak for 2 wks then dilute with water. For dandruff, wet your hair with vodka then air dry; but if you just want healthier hair, add 1oz of vodka to 12oz of shampoo to remove toxins from your scalp. Use undiluted vodka on a swab as a facial astringent to close pores and kill blemish causing bacteria. It will also dry out blemishes and cold sores. Spritz or swab stinky feet and armpits to kill the odor causing bacteria. You can keep combs, toothbrushes & razorblades clean by soaking in vodka, but not all together of course.
  3. Jewelry cleaner. Show off your jewelry by soaking them in vodka and air drying, using a toothbrush if really dirty. Only use on faceted stones, never pearls or softer gems; held in by prongs rather than glued, since the alcohol dissolves adhesives. This also work for cleaning crystal décor; you can clean a chandelier without taking it down by simply spraying it and allowing to air dry.
  4. Adhesive remover. Got those new shoes for your holiday party, but can’t remove that pesky price tag? Soak a cloth in vodka and rub it over the area; the sticker and adhesive, will come right off. Also works great for removing bandages from your skin or bumper stickers from your car.
  5. Dry cleaning & stain removal. Let’s face it ladies, we buy an expensive holiday dress then tuck the tag in with the intention of returning it to the store when the party is over, but that’s hard to do if it reeks of cigarette smoke, sweat, and heaven knows what else. Vodka to the rescue! Even if you own the dress, it’s expensive to dry clean it between each party, especially if it is beaded or sequenced. By spraying the garment with the diluted vodka solution and hanging to dry, it can be fresh as a daisy in no time by killing the bacteria that causes the odor. Love that hat in the vintage store, but not the musty smell and possible critters? Just spray and air dry to turn back the hands of time. Spray and blot vodka (scrub with a soft brush if needed) to remove stains from clothing, carpeting or upholstery. It works best on organic stains like wine. And ladies, if you’re not going to change your bra everyday, at least spray and air dry overnight.
  6. First aid. In the course of your revelry, there are bound to be a few injuries. Applied topically, vodka is a disinfectant and pain reliever. Aside from the usually cuts, bites, blisters, stings and skin irritations, it can also be used to banish earaches and toothaches. A washcloth drenched in vodka and applied to the skin can reduce fever and reduce pain by allowing the alcohol to be absorbed directly through the skin.

So save a ton of money by using just one item for cleaning, deodorizing, disinfecting, and healing…oh, and makes a tasty cocktail too!

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