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Clever Uses For 25 Things You Throw Away

17 May

garbage can smellyIn the USA each person throws away nearly 5 pounds of trash daily, enough to fill 63,000 garbage trucks, which could form a line that would stretch from the earth halfway to the moon! Almost 1/3 of the waste generated is just by the packaging from all the stuff we buy. You’ve heard the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, but most people just focus on recycling. This post will show you how to REUSE items so you can REDUCE consumption and the need to recycle and best of all, reduce the amount of trash created.

One of the best ways to start reducing waste is to conduct a Household Trash Audit which will really open your eyes about how much waste you and your family are creating, and is a really good way to teach children about conservation.

  1. Bedding bags
  2. Breadbag clips
  3. Broken crayons
  4. Buttons
  5. Cardboard boxes
  6. CDs & DVDs
  7. Citrus fruit peels 
  8. Coffee grounds
  9. Dryer sheets
  10. Egg cartons
  11. Eggshells
  12. Greeting cards
  13. Kitchen scraps
  14. Kitty litter buckets
  15. Newspapers
  16. Pantyhose
  17. Pill bottles
  18. Plastic bags
  19. Plastic milk jug
  20. Plastic water bottles
  21. Shower curtain liner
  22. Silica packs
  23. Tea bags 
  24. Tin (metal) cans
  25. Toilet paper & paper towels tubes

Reducing waste by reusing and re-purposing things we usually throw away not only reduces pollution in landfills, but also pollution produced and energy used to manufacture new goods. And that’s good for us all!

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What Are The Best Things To Buy In May?

5 May

ImageAttention shoppers, it’s time once again for the best deals of the month. Don’t forget to  follow me on Facebook, simply visit Real Penny Wise and click LIKE to receive the best tips daily. Be sure to SHARE with your friends too. Just a quick review before I list this months best buys…

Most bargains follow a predictable pattern:
End of the model year (varies depending on product)
End of the retail season (ends sooner than calendar season)
Holiday sale (usually new, but sometimes older models)
Directly after a holiday
Off season
In season (fresh produce)

The downside includes:
Lack of inventory/choices
Open box/damage/refurbished
Older model/style
Unable to use/test until season changes, long past refund date

Brick and mortar stores clear out first since retail space is at a premium, but many online stores will offer competitive pricing even though their inventory will linger longer. The longer you wait, the lower the price, but you could miss out on finding what you need. Remember that a retailer’s season ends much sooner than a calendar season; that’s why you’ll find great deals on winter apparel in January & February, but you will hard pressed to find a winter coat in March when there’s still a foot of snow on the ground. Don’t forget to check out my post 15 Super Tips For Shopping Success  to learn how to save even more on online purchases.

So here’s where you can save the most in May:
Vacuum cleaner
Picnic/bbq supplies (additional savings with coupons from newspapers & websites)
Condiments (additional savings with coupons from newspapers & websites)
Antiperspirant (additional savings with coupons from newspapers & websites)
Mattress & box springs

When it comes to food, the best deals are to buy in season since there is a greater supply. Obviously holiday themed food bargains are best directly following the holiday, but do not overlook the perishables; starting January 2nd stores practically give away huge pork roasts that never made it to the New Year’s Day dinner table. One disclaimer on the produce; because there is some controversy regarding what is truly “in season” as the USA has very diverse growing patterns and hothouses are often used, I have placed and asterisk next to the items that are generally agreed upon.

Here are the best food deals in May:
Collard greens

Often times you can get first rate products for a bargain prices, it just takes a little planning & patience; but don’t wait too long or you may miss out altogether. Want more posts like this? Let me know!

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