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BBQ Sauce Secret Ingredient

2 Jul

ImageAh, summer BBQ season! I prefer to make my own sauce since I could never find a prepared one I liked. Most were too sweet, but mainly it was all the chemical additives and corn syrup I disliked.

Since my preference is for BBQ with a “bite” I’m heavy on the vinegar, and in my recipe it is always Apple Cider Vinegar. Keeping with the apple theme, my secret ingredient is… Amish Apple Butter. I simply reduce the amount of brown sugar and add the Apple Butter to taste, then let simmer. So, try it with your favorite BBQ recipe.

For those who have never had Amish food, especially at an authentic Amish restaurant in Amish Country, it really needs to be on your Bucket List. You won’t find any dainty salads; it’s all seriously hardy comfort food. And for those naysayers who say it isn’t healthy, these folks were using Organic and Slow Food methods since they stepped off the boat (literally, the boat). Besides, if you worked the long hours of heavy labor they do, you’d need those calories too. So, don your sweat pants and head out to Amish country for an unforgettable meal…and a serious nap!

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